About me

I a Ph.D. student in Industrial and System Engineering at the University of Southern California in the 2022 Fall. My research advisor is Prof. Maged M. Dessouky. I received my master’s degree at Columbia University in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Zhejiang University and was a visiting student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My previous supervisors were Prof. Sharon Di, Prof. Weifei Hu, and Prof. Xin Wang. Click here to view my up-to-date resume. If you want to know more about me, please feel free to contact me (wzhao009@usc.edu).


My research interest lies in developing models and algorithms leveraging operations research and machine learning for real-world decision-making problems. I regard answering the following question as my academic goal: how to design learning-based approaches for large-scale system so that they can outperform traditional, optimization-driven methods? Overall, my research interests include

Methodology. Stochastic and Robust Optimization, Cooperative and Competitive Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Application. Shared Mobility, Supply Chain



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  • Weifei Hu, Wentao Zhao(Presenter), Yeqing Wang, Zhenyu Liu, Jianrong Tan, Reliability Analysis of Wind Turbine Blades Considering Lightning Strike, North America Wind Energy Academy WindTech 2019 Conference. (Presentation) PPT doi


  • Wentao Zhao, Yikang Hua, Xin Wang, Energy-sponge Electric Vehicle Sharing System Design. (Under 3rd round review at Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technology, 2023)